Saturday, July 9, 2011

Somewhere, a very beautiful woman I used to know is cringing...

A few days before I was married, My Intended went to what I think was her 87th fitting. One of her bridesmaids was manipulating a pin and pricked her finger.

My fiancee jumped about five feet away from her Best Friend in the Whole Wide World (it was 1991- nobody had BFFs back then) and screamed at her to keep her finger with the minute drop of blood on it away from her gorgeous, snow-white dress.

Flash forward twenty years, and V-8 gives us the truly preposterous scene of a bride to be going through her own fitting, in her own pristine, snow-white dress, guzzling a bottle of tomato juice and shouting "YES!" because it fits. And no one here thinks it's even the slightest bit MORONIC that a woman is trying to get into a WHITE WEDDING DRESS while drinking a bottle of TOMATO JUICE????

Every time I see this ad, I think of my fiance and her reaction to a pin prick and a drop of blood. I think that if anyone had come within fifty yards of her with an open bottle of TOMATO JUICE, she would have exercised her Second Amendment Rights to eliminate with extreme prejudice.

And this never occurred to you guys over at Stupid Ads Central?

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  1. It totally slipped their mind because, well, they're stupid people who don't know how the real world works; that's why they're in the only industry beside politics that hires total wallies: advertizing.