Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hey Nissan, why stop here?

As long as your company has absolutely ZERO respect for the intelligence of the viewing public, why stop with faked videos of your truck saving a jet from crashing or pushing a dune buggy up a mountain of sand?

Why not show this truck boosting the space shuttle into orbit? How about pulling the Statue of Liberty into Central Park? No wait, here's a good one- why not show it driving West so fast that it causes the planet to stop rotating on it's axis, propelling us back in time and saving Lois Lane from being buried alive in an earthquake?

Oh wait, I know- because you realize that there is a certain population of TRULY STUPID, PATHETICALLY EASY TO FOOL MORONS who will actually BELIEVE that these scenes are NOT faked. I mean, take a look at some of the YouTube comments- you have people asking "is this real?" Sigh- yes, glue-sniffers. That stunt with the crippled jet really happened. You just didn't hear about it because it wasn't featured on TMZ, and none of the people you follow on Twitter mentioned it, and the news is for old losers.

So Nissan doesn't mind taking advantage of the current generation of idiots who know about photoshop and other tricks yet are still willing to take a lot of what they see at face value. And who are so used to being lied to that they don't take offense at "Punch Dub Days," "Hyundai Uncensored," Sham Wows or BS feats of strength exhibited by Japanese Trucks.

Hey, there's an idea for you, Nissan: Instead of giving us the finger with these commercials, why not just rename your truck the Nissan BS? It's concise and to the point- and besides, with society the way it is, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there with friends who would think it's the LOL ROTFLMAO Best Name for a Truck EVER!

Better yet, show your truck doing something it can do in REAL LIFE. You know, like haul old furniture to the dump or look stupid sitting in the driveway of a suburban split-level. Hey, at least that would be more honest than this crap.


  1. I agree 100 percent. These are the stupidest commercials in the world. I really wonder why they question our intelligence. Maybe its just the 25 year old potheads who believe this garbage. That hill would be hard to get up on a dirt bike to get up. Im pretty sure that a gay japanese truck would not be able to do that. Plus the truck on a tarmac. Wtf? He would have either been blown up by fighter jets or spike stripped so it would be pulled over and then he would be arrested and sent to cuba. I just wish japan would stick to doing what it does best: making retarded tuners with homo mufflers.

  2. Apparently all a truck commercial needs is people yelling WOO WOO and GO GO GO!! to be given the green light to land on television. Personally, if I ever find myself among people who react like this to anything, I'm finding the exit, fast.

  3. By the way, Nannerpuss, that's an awful lot of hate for one post. I appreciate the interest in my blog, so I'll return the favor by suggesting therapy. You obviously are very uncomfortable with your own sexuality, and "retarded tuners?" I just hope you aren't over eight years old- because seriously, that's just sad.

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  5. Good for them. Kind of makes you wonder why such a reputable, well-known company has to resort to crap like this to sell it's cars. Maybe you could let us know instead of giving us another commercial?