Saturday, October 8, 2011

They don't make maturity like they used to

Apparently there's this "trilogy" of video games called "Gears of War," and this is the final "chapter," and based on some of the posts on YouTube, some "adults" are really, really bummed out about that. I mean, I assume that the posters who have been devotees of the "series" are adults, because these games are rated M for Violence, including Blood and Gore.

"M" stands for "Mature." Because I guess you have to be a Mature Adult to enjoy sitting on your fat and expanding ass playing this crap. And to be sad that the "fun" is coming to an end (as if there aren't already a dozen or more games that are just clones of this one- hey "gamers," it's not like there aren't going to be plenty of opportunities out there for you to pretend to be big strong soldiers blasting away at aliens from the comfort of your couches.)

If this is what it means to be Mature, I think I'd rather be Childish. There's more fresh air and sunshine in it, and it doesn't require electronics or waiting in line at Wal Mart.


  1. They also don't make fun like they used to either; when I was young, fun meant doing something that didn't involve sitting until numb or staring blankly into space.

    Hmmmm.......I just realized that this version of fun is what Elly Patterson expects of her children. Weird.

  2. I fully expect some pasty "I am NOT a loser just because I'm in my thirties and still spend time playing video games" moron to be objecting to this post any minute now. There's nothing more potent than self-delusion.