Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I vote that all these knobs shut their cake holes and stop being whores for Big Oil and Gas

From the Will Sell Our Souls for a quick buck and a chance to be on television department...

Here are half a dozen or so mindless sheep bleating the lines fed to them by the richest, grubbiest, greediest corporations in the history of the planet. "I vote for Energy Independence." Oh, do you now? So you are in favor of Nationalizing the Oil and Natural Gas industries in the United States? "I vote to exploit OUR oil and natural gas..." Ours? Well, I guess that answers my question, doesn't it? You really think that the oil and natural gas under our feet here in the United States belongs to us as a nation, and if "we" just drill for it, it will belong to "us," and it will make "us" independent of foreign sources of energy, huh?

Well, that sounds fine with me. After all, if we are going to run the risk of spills and the destruction of the aquifer through hydraulic frakking, that stuff SHOULD belong to us. Ok, I'm sold!

Wait, you DIDN'T mean that? What you really meant was that private industries should be allowed to Drill Here, Drill There, Drill Everywhere and then take all those resources and throw them on to the world market, where "we" get to bid on it along with everyone else on the planet? Well, if that's the case, in what way are these resources "ours?" What is this "we" you sawdust-for-brains choads keep referring to? Chevron and Exxon?

And do you think running "I vote" ads during CNN's coverage of Super Tuesday is at all clever? Trust me, it's not. More like cloying and stupid and manipulative, to go along with stunningly dishonest. How does one go about "voting" for more drilling, anyway? By voting for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich? If that's what you are saying, why don't you JUST SAY IT, and spare us the "This Gas is Our Gas, This Gas is Your Gas" treacle?

Oh, that's right- it's because you guys couldn't be honest with your customers if we held a freaking gun to your head. Which, come to think of it, would be a pretty darned good start. But failing that, I'd settle for all these ignorant, easily-manipulated jackasses to stuff their "our," "we," and "us" language where the sun don't shine.

And I apologize, Oil Gas and Coal industries, for mentioning the fact that the sun shines. I know you couldn't give a damn, and won't until you figure out how to put a meter on the thing.

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  1. Excellent commentary and hits the nail smack dab on the head! Good job, John! I am really enjoying your posts! Keep them coming!