Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm surprised they didn't burn the place down...

What the hell?

This guy's son/daughter whatever stopped by the house for a minute- and proceeded to turn on the TV, all the lights, and the water?  Jesus, what happened- did they run out of time before they had a chance to microwave a potato, leave cigarettes burning in the living room  or start a turkey going in the oven?

And I don't care what kind of phone you have- what kind of forgetful doofus feels it's necessary to rig up his house so he can turn off the freaking water?  Who leaves the water running?  Like I just wrote- WHAT THE HELL?  What if these morons hadn't shown up at the cabin for another three or four hours- wouldn't that made it a little too late to shut things off before major damage was done?  (Which brings me to another observation- the dad with the SuperPhone didn't receive some "your kids are assholes and put your house at risk" message- if he didn't KNOW they are assholes and they hadn't TOLD him they had stopped by the house and felt COMPELLED to check* on things, the homestead would have been in freaking ruins when he got back....)

Oh, and where's the "hey dickweeds, you didn't turn off the lights or water or lock the door, what the hell is the matter with you?"  This guy just doesn't care that he's raised a thoughtless, clueless clown, because his magic phone erases the messes he makes?

One more thing- what if the door had been left OPEN instead of just unlocked? Or windows had been left open?  I'm going to ASSUME that the toilet is unflushed, because jeesh.....

*the moment Dad learns that the kids stopped by the house, he whips out his phone.  He knows these kids.  He KNOWS they can't be trusted with anything sharper than a rubber ball.  Great spawn you got there, Dad.


  1. I said exactly the same thing the first time I saw this. The water really got me...who turns on a water tap full blast and just walks away, and what security system is hooked up to turn off the tap? The father yelling at them would be a minimum requirement for this commercial, they should have shown him screaming and sending them away from his cabin before they burn THAT down.
    I agree, he definitely KNOWS them, but that being said, you'd think he had the locks changed on his house when they pulled this the first time, because you KNOW they did.

  2. Yeah, how does a security system turn off a faucet? Is the entire water to the house such off?

    1. I don't see how just the faucet could be turned off, because generally faucets are not I assume this means all the water in the house is turned off, which can create problems when it gets turned back short, this is a really, really stupid ad featuring really, really stupid and irresponsible people.