Friday, February 21, 2014

Stufz? Someone call Child Protective Services on Chef Duffy!

This guy's enthusiasm for dead cow jammed with poisonous junk has spread to his poor daughter, whose "favorite" burger comes stuffed with macaroni and cheese.  Why do I suspect that bacon bowls are popular in this house too?

So the fattest, most unhealthy country on the planet continues to find more ways to kill itself with food.  We shouldn't be eating ground beef at all- it's a terribly inefficient protein delivery method, besides creating massive amounts of waste by causing its harvesters to dedicate millions of acres of land to its production which could be better used for the growing of grain.  It's fatty and heart-unfriendly and cruel.  Yet we are forever seeking new ways to ingest this life-shortening junk.

And the new trend seems to be to find ways to jam as many calories as possible into the smallest area.  Bacon bowls. Bread bowls.  Stuffed hamburgers.  KFC Double-downs.  Cheeseburger pizzas.  "Conveniently," consuming a huge amount of fat doesn't take a huge amount of food anymore.  Yay....

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  1. Argggghhhhh I HATE these commercials "Look at that!" *flaming, sizzling words LOOK AT THAT pop up on screen* RRRRRRGGGGGG