Thursday, March 6, 2014

No good guys in this Chevy Tahoe Ad

Everyone agrees that the babysitter is acting unethically here by raising her rates when she realizes that her customers have so much money coming out of their ears that they drive a Pompousmobile with every bell and whistle imaginable.   Personally, I think she might have noticed that they can afford to pay a little more when she looked around and saw that they live in a house larger than some Nigerian villages.

I don't disagree that this is the wrong thing to do....sort of.  I mean, employer and employee made a deal, right?  On the other hand....the mom in this ad seems to go out of her way to impress babysitter with her wealth in the most ostentatious way possible.  What's with the pop-up screens, Facebook, GPS, etc?  She's driving the kid home, not retracing the Lewis and Clark expedition.  She might as well just announce "hey, check out how filthy rich we are, babysitter monkey.  Easily rich enough to hire teenaged girls to take care of our pampered spawn.  When I get to your- umm-- 'house'- I'll find two twenties gathering lint at the bottom of my purse."

So while I kind of go along with the "she needs to stick with the agreed-upon salary" argument, I can't build up any sense of outrage either.  The fact is the mom can easily afford to pay more, and if she's going to toss money around on tricked-out SUVs she might as well be pushed to pay her hired help a decent wage.  I hope the word gets around and they end up paying every babysitter $40 an hour - or just staying home with the Crown Prince.

Sucks to be rich sometimes- or so I've heard.


  1. The mom of the small kids says "forty dollars right?" The babysitter says "ummm. sixty."

    The mom's IMMEDIATE response should have been "how's TWENTY sound?"

    1. The mom and dad in this commercial have no problem blowing thousands of dollars on a LookAtMeMobile- they can afford to pay a decent wage to their babysitter. I can definitely see them trying to lowball the cost of babysitting though. That's how jerkwads like this get rich, after all.