Friday, December 4, 2015

Did I speak too soon?

Remember when I said that Chrysler pairing with The Hunger Games equaled the worst cross-promotion ever?  Well, this one might not be "worse," but it's certainly giving it a run for it's money.

I mean, the Chrysler commercial didn't feature a talking lizard walking along a beach and encountering a wedding, at least.  Who the hell gets married on the beach like this, anyway?  I like the beach, but I can't imagine trying to arrange a wedding on one, unless it's in a private section.  Even then, there are going to be seagulls everywhere.  Not to mention the sand getting in everything (and probably rendering the rental tuxes unreturnable) and it being too hot and sunny-- it just doesn't work on any level.  At least these people should be wearing Hawaiian shirts.

(Oh wait, it's a "destination wedding"- one of those obnoxious ego-orgies where the couples think that they are so damned important they can force their friends to spend bucketloads of money to travel to another part of the world to watch them exchange rings and still remain their friends.)

Oh and a diamond ring+beach=several dozen people on their knees looking for a rock that doesn't look like all the other rocks.  Stupid.


  1. I see at least one, often several ceremonies whenever I'm at the beach. No costs to rent the venue is my guess.

    Yes, there's seagulls and wind and it looks awkward and not at all romantic.

    1. "Here's your diamond, honey-- I could afford it because this wedding cost next to nothing, unless you count the incredible incovenience we are causing to people who just want to swim and have a good time."

    2. Oh, the beach is plenty big enough for them. Usually they keep in a bit, on the dunes. This ad would be a lot more true to life if everyone was struggling to stay afoot while gathered on an unstable slope covered in maras grass.