Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Toyota's Blow Off Steam By Trashing the Planet Ad

If this is what passes as 'blowing off steam" these days, gas prices can't start rising fast enough or high enough for me.

Seriously, you stupid choads- want to blow off steam?  Take a kickboxing class at the local gym.  Start jogging or just walking.   Do something that will provide some benefit.  Don't do this.*

*Of course, 99 percent of Americans have no access to the kind of flat desert areas these ads are always showing, so "blowing off steam" in this manner remains a stupid fantasy for pretty much everybody.  Good thing- because until these machines actually run on steam, you aren't doing anyone any favors when you zoom around in them for no purpose larger than "because you can."

1 comment:

  1. People are such hedonists, aren't they?
    Not to mention often a bit hoggish in their various manners of self-indulgence.