Saturday, January 2, 2016

Admitting they ran out of ideas years ago. It's what Geico does

1.  This ad admits that we got sick of Geico's awful commercials years ago and do our best to skip them whever possible.  Well, at least you got one thing right, Geico.

2.  Naturally the mom in this commercial is playing both cook and waitress, because that's what Moms do on tv. Naturally Dad is waiting to be served and has a big "gee, glad I married you, or I'd be sitting here with an empty plate" smile on his face.  Because that's what dads do on tv.  Still.

2.  Geico then rips off a classic gag from "Police Squad" to pad the rest of this awful commercial.  I didn't sit through it beyond the dog eating the guy's dinner, but does it end with one or more members of this family attempting to "escape" from the fake room and finding themselves "trapped" by the camera?  Leslie Neilsen is spinning in his grave.

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