Thursday, January 7, 2016

A few of my favorite things about this Credit Repair Commercial

1.  The old guy who actually has a LIST of all the things he "requires" in a credit repair company.  You'd think someone whose credit is in the toilet would have divorced himself from the idea that he has the ability to put conditions on people who claim to want to help him repair that credit, but I guess you'd be wrong.

"Listen, I want a Money-Back Guarantee and a military discount and I want to be able to cancel anytime at no charge..."

" do realize you are the one with the crap credit, right?  Did you notice what happened when you brought your List of Demands to Rent A Center?  Did you notice how they laughed at you?  Do you get that you really aren't in any position to make demands, and it's your own damn fault?"

2.  The "Yes Yes Yes" girl.  As in "Yes!  I finally found someone to take more of my money in exchange for empty promises!  I am SO LUCKY, I'm going to treat myself to another round of binge spending with my 29.99% interest Secured VISA Card!  Just gotta get them to raise my credit limit to $1000!"

3.  The fact that if these idiots had spent one-tenth the energy trying to find a Credit Repair company on...oh, I don't know...paying their freaking bills on well as, oh, I don't within their means....they wouldn't be going through any of this?

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