Saturday, January 9, 2016

"The Forest?" Again?

Remember that part of Brave New World where they show babies being shown flowers and then being electrocuted to condition them to hate the countryside and want to spend their entire lives in the cities?

Well, we seem to be living in a century where Hollywood absolutely loathes the outdoors.  Maybe it's the leaves, or the fresh air, or the wild animals.  But I've lost count of how many "scary" movies take place in the supposedly scary scary woods.  Jeesh, what do we own all these guns for if the sound of crickets gives us nightmares?

But hey, if going to the movies makes everyone afraid of those oxygen-producing monsters, that's fine with me- I spend every summer in a farmhouse on the edge of those Might As Well Be Hell Itself woods.  I hear those horrible crickets, and at night you can see a billion stars from my parents' front porch, and sometimes you can hear coyotes and there are always herds of deer enjoying the salt licks and corn dad puts out for them when it's not hunting season.  I hope I'm not terrifying anyone too much.  But if I am, that just means more Scary Nature for me.

Back to my original thought- I'm becoming convinced that this generation of movie-goers is being conditioned to hate nature, probably to grow the population of global warming deniers and fuel the demand to just pave the hell out of everything as soon as possible- before the trees eat us.  Because you know they will, if we let them.


  1. Apparently this movie is based on a forest in Japan where people often go to kill themselves. It's sort of like if Japan made a horror movie about zombies haunting the Golden Gate Bridge.

    But yeah, I have noticed a definite trend toward portraying forests as some dread place. I don't get it. I mean, there could be issues with forests, they being the place with bears and all, but if you're not an idiot, you'll be fine. The worst I've ever had it in the woods was the other day when everything was covered in ice and I had to go down hills sitting down.

  2. Wow...after that, I think we all need some good palate cleansers. How about these:

    There, do we all feel a little better now? I know I do. Thank you, public service announcements!

    1. "Discover the Forest?" Great- now I am going to have nightmares! ;>)