Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wendy's most recent contribution to the problem

My favorite part of this ad is when the narrator says "you're still sitting there?" after he tells us we can get roughly 2000 calories worth of greasy fatty sludge from Wendy's for four dollars.

I'm pretty sure that the audience for this crap is usually "just sitting there."  If it's moving at all, it's going online to see if there's any way to just order it so they can continue to just sit there, because man getting off the couch and into the car and over to Wendy's just sounds soooooo tiring.

(There's another version of this ad which is kind of an update- Wendy's tells us that people have been tweeting and texing to let Wendy's know how much they LOVE the new four items for four dollars deal- one tweet even reads "Wendy's 4 x 4 has my heart."  Well, there's probably a lot of literal truth to that....)

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