Sunday, January 3, 2016

Propaganda from the Church of Frozen Food

I didn't even know that there was a Frozen Food Council, but there was no such thing, how else could I explain the existence of this "Not a Commercial" which spends more than a minute singing the praises of frozen foods?

I mean, look at this.  Grandmas love frozen foods ("but don't let my grandkids know that, never mind I just said it on a Not-Commercial.")  Dads love frozen foods.  Mom love frozen foods for the saddest reason- "because dinner is the only time we have our whole family together."  Ugh, really?  Well, that seems to be an argument against frozen foods- maybe if you made dinner more of an event rather than something to be got through quickly through the use of Heat, Eat and Run precooked garbage, Family Time could be made less rare?

I'm frankly surprised that this ad doesn't end with a big American flag dominating the screen while the narrator intones "Eat Frozen Food- or the Terrorists will Win."  Weirdness.


  1. So...where did this air, exactly?

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