Sunday, January 17, 2016

Silverado Presents: The price we have to pay for watching playoff football*

The only way this commercial could end well is if these walking male cliches- and their dirty jeans, three-day beards, and generally scruffy "I'm just killing time 'till the next Trump rally by driving out into the wilderness with three total strangers" attitudes beat the commercial spokeschoad to death with his own sense of smug.  And then pushed the "mobile office" off that cliff.  And then fulfilled a suicide pact.

Meanwhile, anyone else get totally disgusted at the fact that Chevrolet and some hideous crap sitcom called "Superstore" apparently bought ALL OF THE FREAKING AD TIME for the Packers-Cardinals game?  Hell, I'd actually welcome a Trump ad right about now.

("Real People.  Not Actors."  Yeah, no kidding.)

*this, and having to listen to Chris Berman's schtick- which was so very played twenty years ago- in the postgame shows on ESPN.  His act is so worn out, he ought to take it to Branson.

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  1. Agreed that this ad is crap. And I can't help but wonder which truck the guys would pick if "Dolores" turned out to be a young hot blond chick rather than a middle-aged woman with a fax machine. All of a sudden that trailer might start looking really good.

    But I have to differ with you about "Superstore." I actually love that show. It's really a satire on the corporate culture of the Walmarts of the world and how frustrating it is for any reasonably sane person to have to work at such a place. (The employees most steeped in the corporate culture are the biggest weirdos.) If you tried it, you might actually enjoy it.