Sunday, January 10, 2016

Um....whose trophy is that, again?

This dad sure shows around the word "we" a lot, doesn't he?  I'm pretty sure he didn't play a single down of the season.  Maybe he coached, but I doubt it- if he coached, he'd know in advance what kind of trophy the team would be getting. Which means his entire level of participation involved sitting in the stands- and now that the season is over, putting down his son's trophy.

It IS his son's trophy, isnt it?  Kind of hard to tell, considering that he's not satisfied with "seeing" it, as he told his son he wanted to- nope, he's taking on himself to view the trophy as a very dangerous step down the road to games in which kids play for fun, and competition is simply not that important. This horrifies KIA dad, so he decides to deface his kid's trophy while thinking to himself "no way, that's not gonna happen."

What's "not going to happen," again?  Oh yes- his kid enjoying playing football for the sheer fun of it, picking up some great friends and learning about teamwork on the side.  Kid doesn't know it yet, but those days are OVER.  From now on, every game is about WINNING, and all WINNING means is scoring more points than the other team.  Think you "won" because you spent several hours outdoors getting great exercise and having fun with your friends? Check the final score, Nancy- you LOST.  Why aren't you CRYING?  Probably because you've been brainwashed by our liberal, emasculating, man-hating society.

What this commercial really needs as its punchline is for some guy to roll past in his Lexus to snark on Woody Hayes and his KIA- because, you know what?  A KIA is the partipation trophy of Suburban dads.  Stick your attitude on your own trophy-free shelf, Dad.  And give your kid back HIS trophy- he earned it, not you, dumbass.

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  1. Bravo! This commercial really goes overboard on the "prizes-for-everyone backlash." Yes, kids need to learn about how to compete, and lose, and win, gracefully. Yes, not everything should be reduced to a feel-good everyone-gets-a-trophy activity just to avoid hurting anyone's precious feelings. But...does everything then have to turn into some Darwinist contest? Just because dad feels he's been cheated by having his son get a participation trophy, does he have to be a jerk? Can't kids just have fun anymore without there having to be someone pounding his chest and shouting "We're Number One!" and someone else feeling crappy?

    This commercial definitely puts me in mind of all those parents who go overboard about their kids' sports. Oftentimes they are the biggest wimps when it comes to things like accepting that their kids lost. They take it way too personally, Just like this guy who has to deface his kid's trophy to feel as if his son--um, no, HE--won.