Sunday, January 24, 2016

The three moments in this Chevy ad that make me want to really hurt someone. Or several someones.

1.  When one of these zombies actually says "this reminds me of my first Lexus."  Did you buy it right after you came back from your 14th trip to Europe, you little twat?

2.  When another woman responds to the car's map capabilities with "this car gets me."  That's nice.  It's still just a freaking car, loser.

3.  When one of the guys here bleats "this is a game changer."*

So congratulations, Chevy. You've created a commercial that makes me want to inflict damage on THREE people, instead of your usual one.  Great job.

*this hackneyed cliche needs to be put to bed, right now.  No, not bed- it needs to be buried underneath thirty feet of cement, where it will never bother anyone, ever again.  Enough already.

1 comment:

  1. To be fair, the woman you're angry with in No. 1 is saying "my friend's Lexus," not "my first Lexus." At least that's what I'm hearing. So, I guess you have to be angry at her not for being blase about having owned more than one Lexus, but for having an asshole friend who owns a Lexus.