Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What these Michelob Ultra Ads are really all about

"It's not about hiking, or swimming, or just walking.  It's about being twentysomething pretty white people with great teeth and really, really horrible taste in beer who have found something to do for a few hours on Saturdays before getting down to drinking that really horrible beer."

I don't understand- meteors used to hit this planet and wipe out all life on it every few dozen millions of years.  Why doesn't that happen anymore?


  1. I think you have to wait a few more dozen million years.

    Really--we need to get these people over to the DiscoverTheForest.org ads so they can realize it's actually possible to get out in nature and have a good time with your friends WITHOUT having to get drunk on lousy beer. Maybe the kids in those ads could teach them a thing or two about that.

  2. If you believe the conspiracy theorists we're on the verge of such a tri-millennial occurrence.
    Maybe the volcanic activity at Yellowstone National Park. A mega-eruption there.