Friday, December 25, 2015

Nissan continues it's sad, fruitless effort.... convince us that there's something fun, bold, young or hip about their Japanese Blandmobiles.

Seriously, Nissan- nobody gives a damn that you found some desperate-for-cash rap artist to throw together a jingle or an equally desperate-for-cash computer animator to throw together a few images of a fake Nissan manned by pasty-white Eurotrash morons flying through the snow or a desperate-for-cash wannabee actor to yell about how awesome your NothingMobile is.  Nobody's buying it.  Nissans are ok cars for young families and Generation X'ers who can't afford the Accords- god forbid the Audis- they'd rather own.  In other words, they aren't so much Blandmobiles or Nothingmobiles as they are Settlemobiles.

Nice try, though.  Now get the hell off my tv screen already.  800 of these per football game is MORE than enough.

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  1. The ad is crappy, but I do have to correct you here. The music is not a jingle thrown together by a desperate-for-cash rap artist. It is RUN-D.M.C.'s "Christmas in Hollis," a song they originally recorded for inclusion on the first of the "A Very Special Christmas" CDs, a collection of Christmas songs recorded by well-known artists whose sales benefits Special Olympics. The CD on which "Christmas in Hollis" appeared was the first of these, released in 1987.

    The noteworthy thing about "Christmas in Hollis" is that it was the only original composition on the CD; the other songs were all covers of older songs.

    Since that time, it has become pretty well known, at least by many people--to the point where some would call it a "modern classic"--which, I think, is why it was used on this ad. Of course, it was also used to attempt to make a Japanese Blandmobile look like a hip (or hip-hop?) car. Which is pretty weak sauce.