Sunday, December 27, 2015

"It's just that some snow globes, like people, are much, much better than others."..

The best thing about Christmas being that we'll soon be saying goodbye to these horrible commercials for another eleven months.

Wow, Santa sure is careful to make everything just right for the pretty, wealthy white people, isn't he?  So much time and effort to make sure that perfect lives are just a little more perfect.

Meanwhile, how many kids got somewhat cheaper versions of what they really wanted, clothes from Goodwill, or nothing at all?

How many soup kitchens couldn't quite meet demand this year and had to turn away dissapointed, hungry moms and dads and children?

How many parents couldn't spend time with their children on December 25 because the store they work at for minimum wage simply had to stay open* for the idiots who might have to drop by for just one more thing?

I guess that if Santa is going to be so meticulous in getting some snow globes just right- down to the pretty red bow- he's going to have to cut some corners on most of the others, huh?

Hey Santa, I've got an idea what you can do with your Snow Globe.  It involves committing an act yourself.

*I taught on Christmas morning.  As I was walking to school I passed the local Whole Foods Market at 7:50 AM.  There was a well-dressed white guy standing outside the door, clearly put out because the store was not open for his convenience.  At 7:50 AM on Christmas morning.  Un. Freaking. Believable.


  1. This may be THE worst "December to Remember" ad yet, in the very lengthy annual series of them.

    Talk about not teaching privileged kids anything about how the world works, or their obligations in it. Talk about teaching them that they are such special snowflakes just because they're rich that they deserve to get magical presents nobody else gets. Talk about having a kid when you don't have a lot of money, and having to explain to that child that no, Santa can't just put a Lexus (or anything else that child may want that costs a lot) into "our snowglobe" this year just because Santa loves us so much, and having that child ask "But why not?"

    It is horrible. But it sure goes a long way to explain how we end up getting kids like "Affluenza Boy," whose own mother fled with him to Mexico so he could escape the (actually very light) consequences of killing four strangers and maiming one of his friends simply because he thought it was his right to get behind the wheel drunk.

  2. What they really need in their snow globe is a tumbril. They'll get it (in more ways than one) when they finally have a useful revolution in your country.

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