Thursday, November 23, 2017

And again- to Amazon and Industry in general, NOTHING is sacred. NOTHING.

I challenge anyone and everyone to read the original lyrics to this Supertramp song and explain to me how any of it has to do with buying stuff online and sending it to the other side of the planet, in the process destroying the brick-and-mortar economy while reducing everything about the holidays to the amount of cash you manage to spend.

And again, the only thing more depressing here than the actual commercial are the comments that follow.  I think everyone on the planet is either a paid troll for industry or seriously deranged.  Either way, it's awfully sad.

(Hey, remember when you had to wait till Friday morning after Thanksgiving to start spending yourself into debt because TV Told You Too?  Well, those dark days are OVER.  Black Friday has already begun online!  Stop reading this!  Get out your credit card and start surfing and shopping!  Go Go Go Now Now Now!)

1 comment:

  1. It's like that CGI horror show where they more or less robbed Gene Kelly's grave.