Saturday, November 25, 2017

There are no heroes in this NFL Shop Commercial

At least the family is being honest toward the boyfriend- they all love another team to the point that they insist on wearing THEIR jerseys to the dinner table but will not tolerate his.  So they are openly jerks who take their sports waaaayyy too seriously.  He should know this before he gets too involved with this Nowhere Near Worth It girlfriend.

But there's nothing admirable about the guy, either.  When told that he "can't" wear his jersey at the dinner table, he responds by wearing something far more obnoxious than a simple jersey.  I can get him refusing to pretend not to be a Raiders fan to avoid "conflicts" with the stupid family.  But to respond to "don't wear that" by revealing a blinking-light Raiders sweatshirt is just way too close to giving the middle finger to the other people at the table.  You don't look proud of your team, buddy- you look stupid and childishly confrontational.  And then you sit there and make little faces like you're trying to quietly pass a stone or really would like to say something if you could work up the nerve, but you can't.  Nope- you're just going to sit there and be a passive-aggressive douchenozzle. 

So everyone in this commercial is kind of a jackass.  Nothing new to see here.

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