Thursday, November 23, 2017

Another Very Relatable Lexus Holiday Ad

I guess the "bit" this year is that Lexus is going to show us a parade of spoiled rotten little brats having orgasms over luxury cars before transforming into spoiled rotten big brats having orgasms over luxury cars.  This is the second one I've seen in the last twenty-four hours, and once again the only message I really get out of them is that I can't wait for this season to be over so we can say goodbye to this horrible dreck for another year.

The "adult" in this ad is kneeling before his new diety- an extremely expensive, totally unnecessary LookAtMeMobile. He's letting his family know that the big, beautiful house and the massive bank account and the trophy wife and trophy kids are great and all but this car makes all that shrink into insignificance because that life, while a fantasy to 99.999 percent of the world's population, was seriously lacking before this car showed up.

So congratulations, you nasty little piece of crap.  Your practically-perfect life just got even better.  Absolutely heartwarming.  Know what else would be heartwarming?  A massive gasline break leading to a fireball which turns you and your scummy family into boiling liquid.  Your hearts would be warmed for several seconds before they ceased to exist.  My heart would be warmed for much, much longer.  I know what I'm asking for this Christmas.  I don't have a zillion dollars in the bank, so it's not one of these cars.

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