Sunday, November 5, 2017

Two ways to "celebrate" prohibition, according to Budweiser

As near as I can figure:

First, you celebrate prohibition by drinking non-alcoholic "beer" because Reasons.  The only people who think this sounds intelligent probably add germs to milk to remind them of the good old days before Louis Pasteur came around and ruined everything.  Or they use chamberpots because it was so much cooler back when you had to fling your personal filth out the window instead of all this lame plumbing stuff.

Then, you wash that horrible taste of not-beer out of your mouth with "1933 Repeal Reserve."  If you are remarkably stupid- and the fact that you were just drinking non-alcoholic beer and are now drinking Budweiser in ANY form suggests that you are- you might just be able to con yourself into believing that this stuff is from the vaults of the Budweiser brewery.  It was just sitting there for 95 years, waiting for you to enjoy it for a limited time.  Uh-huh. 

Deleted Clip:  you then wash THAT horrible taste out of your mouth by consuming real beer. 


  1. Oh, c'mon already ....
    Quit being so savagely critical of creative commercial psyops.
    Think of all the trouble they went through to produce this tripe. Just because it's so forgettable and bourgeois now .......

  2. Pity poor Budweiser. They think people actually drink beer for the taste.

    1. Those who drink beer for the taste more likely gravitate towards Heineken, Stella, or the wheat beers like the "blood red" types (Bells Oberon, Blue Moon, and the like).

  3. People drink beer because they wanna get wasted and not pay a lot of money for the privilege so ads like this just make my skin crawl.