Friday, March 20, 2020

Because I do take requests: The Facebook Groups Kazoo Commercial

Though seriously, there's not a whole lot left to say about this once it's been experienced (and I've experienced this exactly once.  I'm not watching this War Crime one more time, ever.)

Let's imagine that this is an actual college, and these are actual students.  Every single one of them is at this college on a voluntary basis; they applied- they weren't drafted- and were picked over other applicants.  Every single one of them in sitting in a class someone else wanted to get into but was denied access. 

There you go, ladies and gentlemen- THESE kids were the winners in the Get Into This College Contest.

But instead of taking advantage of their good fortune, one of them decides to interrupt the lecture by blowing into a kazoo.  This is normal, young-adult, future-of-the-nation behavior.  An educated adult is trying to pass on their knowledge to you in a class you opted to take?  You're bored?  Show everyone how awesome your attention span is by blowing into a kazoo.  Don't keep it to yourself.  Don't worry that some other lame student might be trying to learn something.  This is all about you.  Blow that kazoo.

And if you are sitting in a class and you're bored because you only took the class because you found yourself in college and classes are a thing that seem to happen in college, and you hear someone blow a kazoo, take out yours and answer.  Let that person know that there are at at least two clueless jagoffs in the classroom.  It's tons of fun and it will totally prevent anyone from learning, so cool.

And when every single douchenozzle in the class has been identified, you can all meet up in your own Facebook Group when there are assignments to do and you don't want to do them because they are lame, and you can practice your kazoo-blowing until your dorm mate murders you, which hopefully will be very, very soon.  Because then that actual student on the waiting list can get into that school and get an actual, you know, Education.

Is there more to this commercial?  Maybe. I'm not watching it again.  No way.

"Kazoo Enthusiasts?"  We need a Virus for That. 

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