Thursday, March 19, 2020

US Tax Shield - Arguably the most aggravating commercials out there

It just seems to be the perfect company to pick on while my 401(k) melts away (for now.)  What better to warm the heart than the stories of tax scofflaws getting away with cheating the American people and keeping their luxury houses complete with SUVs and swimming pools?

"Congress just passed what is arguably the biggest tax reform in history..." well, kind of hard to call that a lie.  You can argue pretty much anything.  Darth Vader killed Luke's father, "from a certain point of view."  In other words, Arguably.  But I bet Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and GW Bush would disagree with the tax reform of 2019 being anything close to the biggest tax reform in US history.

Kayla owed the IRS $38,000 dollars "after her divorce." What does her divorce have to do with skipping out on her taxes to the tune of $38,000?  Was she too busy getting a divorce to pay her taxes?  Seriously, what is the connection?  We aren't told.  We're NEVER told.  Maybe divorce is Arguably the biggest cause of being a Tax Dodge?

Don made "four attempts to resolve his own tax debt" before he decided to call US Tax Shield.  I wonder if that means he called four different scam artists before he contacted this one.  It's certainly Arguable that he didn't make an honest attempt to actually pay his bill, because he could have made ONE phone call, to the Big Bad IRS, to work out a payment plan.  Clearly making payments isn't Don's thing- thus, the call to US Tax Shield.

Meh, this goes on and on but I think you get the picture.  US Tax Shield promises to "protect" you from the people you legitimately owe money to- meaning, US.  Hand me a freaking tissue. 

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