Saturday, March 28, 2020

More As Seen on TV Fun!

Thing is, if this Jiffy Fries contraption could actually make quick, oil-free Non-Fried potatoes in the microwave, it actually might be something I'd be willing to buy and use.  Because until Americans get their hands on them potatoes are actually a really good source of energy and pretty good for you, too (but only if you eat the skins.)  Unfortunately Americans are the world's experts at taking nutritious food and turning it into poison- we love "Chinese food" as long as we can cover it in batter and fry it (we don't cover the rice in batter, but we do fry it along with the chicken and pork.)  We love pizza but spend billions a year on warm white bread covered in the most sugary tomato paste imaginable.  We eat corn in the form of greasy Faux-Mexican food and chips.  And we like our potatoes stripped of its skin and fried (even when we bake our potatoes, we tend to drown them in butter or sour cream...and not eat the skin....)

"Need a pick me up?"  Well, as long as you are just heating a hot potato out of the microwave, that's just fine.  Healthy snack.  Good for this kid.  But I don't believe for one minute that anything- including potatoes made in this plastic doohicky- come out of the microwave crispy.  Nothing comes out of a microwave crispy.  That's just not what microwaves do.  Microwaves reheat coffee and make popcorn.  They don't make potatoes crispy, sorry.  That's what ovens are for.  And that being said- how could anyone argue that this Jiffy Fries device makes french fries that are better than the ones that come out of a bag (is this woman disgusted by the fact that the french fries out of the bag are frozen?  Does she realize they need to be put into an oven?)  French fries - and onion rings- are the two items that are perfectly fine coming out of your grocery store's frozen department.  You put them in the oven.  In a few minutes, you've got crispy french fries.  What is the problem?

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