Friday, March 27, 2020

Vyond Contempt

A few people who know me personally are aware that I used to create videos using a service called GoAnimate for Schools.  Some of those videos were educational, but most were made just for fun; it was a nice little hobby for when it was too cold or wet or dark outside, and I have especially fond memories of making a few while sitting in my parents' kitchen during winter break.  The educational videos I made involved Bacon's Rebellion, The Election of 1896, the Great Depression-- and despite the limited number of templates available I thought they came out pretty good.  Above all, at $79 a year it was a very AFFORDABLE hobby.

Well, GoAnimate for Schools came to an end last June- not only did it come to an end, but 90 percent of the videos I had created over the course of 3 years were irretrievably lost without notice (yes, I've been back and forth with Vyond, the new GoAnimate, about the loss of my videos.  They express Regret, which is all very nice and also all very worthless.)  I could still make videos using Vyond, but there's no Vyond for Schools, and the cheapest option now available costs $299 a year.  Not that I would ever again purchase a service from a company that had already trashed dozens of videos representing hours of effort, but to ditch an affordable service geared toward teachers and students and replace it with one out of reach for most...well....not nice, Vyond.

Oh, and here's the insult added to the injury:  In response to this period of self-isolation, Vyond is very loudly expressing it's interest in helping- by offering 20% off it's annual subscription.  That's the same 20% it offered me when I complained about the loss of my videos, the same 20% it offered over Black Friday weekend, the same 20% it offers to anyone who wonders why it's basic package went from $79 for an annual subscription to $299.  This Very Generous Offer is being presented Vyond really cares, I guess.

Well, to hell with that.  GoAnimate encouraged teachers and kids to have fun making videos by offering a very affordable price.  Vyond jacks the price up by 400%, then makes a show of offering a 20% discount on that new, inflated price because they "care" during these "troubled times."  Well, I'll continue to pass at least until you remember that there are still teachers and schools out there for which $239 is still a LOT of money.  Maybe you'll wake up one day and recall that you are the guys who created GoAnimate for Schools in the first place.  That'd be nice.

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