Sunday, April 25, 2021

Another 15-second dollop of dumb from Folgers


The only good thing about these Folgers "zoom" ads is that they are mercifully short.  Not short enough, but short.  There's still plenty to snark on here:

1.  Who goes on a Zoom call without checking their camera angle and background before joining on video?  For this commercial to make any sense, we have to believe this guy is sitting so far away from his laptop that he'd have to get up to type anything, or that he intentionally tilted his screen to show his bare legs.  In other words, this guy WANTED his female coworkers to catch a glance at his legs, but also wanted to avoid a call from H.R. by making it look as much like an "accident" as possible.

2.  It looks for all the world like this guy is in a breakroom, not his office.  What's with the enormous pot of coffee for one person?  Even I don't drink that much coffee.  And what does he think he's covering up with that coffee?  Does he think this is going to make his coworkers forget what they just saw?  

3.  This guy's "whole team" (consisting of two people) has no reaction to this guy's Zoom faux pas. They just don't care.  

4.  And again, one of his coworkers turns her video off, leaving a giant Folgers logo on the screen instead.  Ok, I get it.  These people work for Folgers.  

The best part of waking up might be bitter, otherwise bland coffee in your cup.  The best part of Folger's ads are when they are over.  Again, I'll give Folgers credit for at least making these short. 

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