Saturday, April 17, 2021

Ready or not (and we are not ready,) Disney World is Reopening


(Anyone else think that statue in the opening of this commercial looks like it belongs in Red Square, not Disney World?)

This is Disney's "f-- it, we played nice with this whole COVID thing but business is business" great big middle finger to responsibility.  No more excuses, parents:  your kids are going to see this ad sooner or later, and they'll remember how many times you said "as soon as Disney World reopens, we'll go."  You'll regret not saying "as soon as everyone is vaccinated" or "as soon as we've achieved herd immunity" or at the very least "as soon as I consider it safe."  But you didn't say that.  You decided to leave the fate of your kids and yourself in the hands of the gigantic money monster that sees you as nothing more than walking credit cards waiting to be drained which was just waiting for a green light from one of the most anti-mask, anti-science governors in the entire country.  The Walt Disney Corporation and Ron DeSantis say "welcome back," so it's time to stand in line at the airport, take a plane to Orlando, and get ready to spend several days standing in sweltering,* stinking (hopefully mask-wearing, but this is Central Florida, after all, so good luck with that- you're likely to see a lot more MAGA hats than masks) sweaty crowds filled with screaming kids and noxious, cloying tinny music coming out of speakers disguised as rocks.  Enjoy all the Superspreading fun!

*I've never been to Orlando, but I've been to Tampa in June.  I can't imagine wanting to spend hours outdoors by myself in those humid conditions.  Add tens of thousands of people and a lot of noise? Pass.

(And what's the most depressing thing about this ad?  Check out the date it was released.  July, 2020.  
Yep, super responsible, Disney.)

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