Saturday, April 24, 2021

Folger's joins the Apple Down With Remote "Working" crusade


First of all, who is the artist singing this song?  She sounds like she was hired because she's the out of work sister of the producer.   Her voice is AWFUL.  And was she also left responsible for writing the lyrics, too?  Because, come on- nobody in this ad looks like they are "trying hard not to snap."  They just look comfortable, if half-asleep, and perfectly fine in their new reality of waking up a little later every morning, avoiding the commute, and making showering optional.

Second, why is this woman so determined to keep her little kid off the screen?  The brat just wants to know what's going on.  He'll take one look at these boring ugly choads and lose interest, I promise you, mom.  You don't have to wave that hot coffee pot around his face and then move your mug from side to side for fear that your coworkers will realize that you have a kid.  This is just dumb.  

Why can't this woman give that kid something to do so he isn't "preventing" her from blathering whatever bland nonsense she is blathering into her screen without manipulating coffee pots and cups?  Oh right- because she isn't used to this whole "parenting" thing and doesn't know what to do with this kid because usually he's in the care of professionals and she is  at the office drinking coffee in front of another screen.

Finally- one of her workers switches his camera off, leaving a Folger's logo.  This tickles some of the people in the YouTube comments.  It suggests to me that these people all work for Folger's and that's the official camera-off default screen they are required to use.  And now I have to rethink this entire ad and wonder if the woman wasn't trying to shield her kid that whole time but was instead just trying to hypnotize her coworkers by waving coffee in their faces and her kid just happened to be standing in the background.

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