Friday, April 23, 2021

Liberty Mutual lets Geico know they aren't going to let the gekko Own the Dumb


I get that the Statue of Liberty is in the public domain so Liberty Mutual can't be prevented from using it in all of it's advertising, but the thing is-- they DON'T use it in ANY of their advertising.  It's just a stupid backdrop for commercials that are becoming increasingly brain-dead and pointless.

I mean, it wasn't all that long ago that these ads were actually talking about INSURANCE- how Liberty Mutual allows you to "only pay for what you need" (as if any of us "know what we need" before the fact- if I'm a "safe driver," I guess I only "need" the bare minimum required by law...until I hit a kid dashing across the road in front of me and put him in the intensive care war, at which point I "need" considerably more coverage that I don't have because, after all, I'm a "safe driver.")  Then we started to get stupid "hey, Liberty Mutual has a cool App" nonsense featuring a kid in a cell phone suit jumping into piles of rice.  Those weren't informative in the slightest (are there any large insurance companies that DON'T offer apps these days?) 

And now, we've hit what I hope is rock bottom with an ad featuring a guy selling...wet teddy bears.  Because maybe that's "what you need?"  What does this have to do with insurance at all?  Absolutely nothing.  Just a big neon "we've run out of ideas" middle finger from Liberty Mutual.  One that I didn't ask for or want, let alone "need."

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  1. I want to throw a brick at the TV when this guy hawks wet teddy bears. WTF is that supposed to mean?