Sunday, April 4, 2021

Apple and "The Underdogs," Part II


Ok, I get it now.  These "Underdog" commercials are all written- or at least approved by- executives who are convinced that Remote Working translates into "paying people to sit around in their pajamas doing pretty much nothing."  

It's really hard to believe that any of the "underdogs" ever actually functioned in an office setting.  Outside of the office, their lives are a disorganized mess all the time.  Worse, they feel compelled to set up their cameras so their coworkers can SEE that they are a disorganized mess.  One guy won't even get dressed- he's unshaven, in a bathrobe and shorts, and he's got his camera rigged so you can see his disgusting messy house and screaming kid.  He's practically begging his boss (who he's deathly afraid of- like all his coworkers are) to can his sorry butt.  And the rest of them are also acting like they have no idea how to function if they aren't being monitored in the office.   I have been in a lot of Zoom meetings this year.  I have never treated any of them like they are intrusions on my Sleeping or Binge-Watching Netflix or Yoga time.  And many of them have been After Hours, when I might feel comfortable to be somewhat more casual.  These people are acting like they aren't quite awake- and their brains certainly aren't at work- during Office Hours. 

One of them has his kids all week.  Um, maybe you should take the week off.  Oh, but maybe you don't have any vacation days saved up.  Well, then, maybe you should just Deal.   One of them has his mother "all the time" (the same disgusting dicktard who finds it necessary to eat spaghetti and meatballs during a meeting.)    And you're using this as an excuse for why you can't be expected to work on a deadline?  Seriously, what planet are you guys from?

I really, really hope that my school administrators never see any of these "Underdog" commercials.  I'd hate for them to think that the time I spent teaching online bore any resemblance to what is happening here.  These jackasses are just asking to be fired, except they certainly appreciate that paycheck that keeps coming as their will to be even a little bit productive crumbles by the hour.  

I'm really looking forward to the sequel: "the Unemployed." 

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