Saturday, April 17, 2021

Subway Is Really Making Me Hungry


Because nothing could make me want a cheap, mass-produced junk sandwich made by an underpaid high school dropout who thinks that COVID is a hoax than seeing a basketball player, comedian or some other somewhat-famous tv personality hold up an obviously rubber facsimile of a grinder* and tell me how much he enjoys eating at Subway when he isn't doing the basketball or comedy thing.

*I'm from New England.  It's called a grinder or a hoagie.  It can only be a "sub" if it's cold, and Subway Sandwiches can be hot.  So they are grinders or heroes, not subs.  I feel like I should block comments now, just in case this one of those triggering subjects that I'll wish I had avoided, like "Howard Stern is overrated" or "DirectTV ads are racist."

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