Friday, July 9, 2021

And the Oscar goes to.....that cookie!!!


(After all, it's far and away the best "actor" in this commercial.)

I gotta love the way the old guy reacts to learning that a 76-year old neighbor who likes running marathons has dropped dead "just like that," though I do find it a little creepy the way he immediately guessed that his wife was saying he died and not that he got injured running or something else.  He's so stunned that he pauses in bringing that cookie to his mouth.  

And I also gotta love the way he reads his lines- "we aren't going to have that talk about needing life insurance again, are we?"  It's so convincing.  And then it's off to the races with "the $9.95 plan," which is the only way EITHER of them refer to the Whole Life Insurance policy she has now decided they are done talking about and are definitely going to buy, today,* before one of them (preferably her husband, who just enjoys holding cookies rather than eating them) kicks off.  Which could be any moment because after all, if a 76-year old neighbor can go "just like that," how much warning are too loathsome, death-obsessed weirdos living on cookies going to get before THEY fall into the abyss?

*because a life insurance policy you can buy for $9.95 a month after the age of fifty is going to provide SUCH a great payoff.  I mean, come on.  You'll be lucky if you can buy a box of cookies for the settlement amount. 

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