Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Hey Shaq, I can say "no more" too!


As in

1.  No more watching you pitch The General Car "Insurance."  You don't use The General, a company that aims it's "product" at people with crappy driving records and worse credit.  Stop telling how awesome a "service" you wouldn't be caught dead using (I doubt O'Neill even KNOWS what car insurance he has, but it's most definitely NOT The General) is. 

2.  No more using a body double carefully photographed from the neck down to sell Gold Bond Medicated Cream.  Maybe you use it- but that's not YOU using it in the commercial, no matter how much you want us to think it is- because you do NOT have the body of a 25-year old athlete.  Not anymore.  Not even close.

3.  No more trying convince us that you give a flying damn what printer cartridges are the highest quality, what copying machines do the best job, etc.  You aren't the least bit concerned about any of this because you're a former NBA star and now pimp for basically anyone willing to hand you a fistful of money to throw on the already-massive mountain of gold you already have.   You aren't the least bit credible, Mr. O'Neill.  Not anymore.  Probably not ever- but certainly, not anymore. 

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