Friday, July 16, 2021

Christian Faith Publishing: Because they support my Christian Views!


I've looked around for YEARS to find just the right publisher for my life's work, and I've finally found it in Christian Faith Publishing.  As the commercial says, only Christian Faith Publishing really reflects my views as a Christian; they are really into Crusading, Preaching, Book-banning, and Science-denying, but you could say that about MOST publishing companies.  Christian Faith Publishing goes the extra mile by being against women controlling their own bodies, both pro-birth AND pro-death penalty (and anti-welfare) which fits perfectly into my very Christian perspective.   Christian Faith Publishing also embraces the other values All True Christians embrace:  they are anti-gun control, pro-censorship, and of course pro-Trump, and have no problem discriminating against anyone who makes a Lifestyle ChoiceTM which is obviously Un-Christian (Gay, Liberal, Socialist, all that I hate because Jesus does he told me so.)  And I haven't checked yet but I'm sure that they are all for cutting family ties with Apostates through Excommunication (if they are Catholics) or Disfellowshipping (if they are Jehovah's Witnesses) or just plain Shunning (if they are Baptists, Mormons, etc.)  

So obviously if I'm going to publish my thesis about the short life of an obscure political party in the antebellum United States, who ELSE would I trust than Christian Faith Publishing? 

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