Tuesday, July 13, 2021

From the files of "oh, why not?" comes this old AIG Commercial.


1.  I'm sorry, but I find it really creepy that this guy is so thrilled at the idea of his family being taken care of financially (which is the only way that matters) should he kick off before they do.  I mean, it's not as bad as showing his Significant Other being thrilled at the thought, but it's still pretty bad.  I get feeling "comforted" at the thought that your family will not suffer (financially, which again...) if you die, but I don't get being so happy about it either.   Calm down, buddy.  

2.  This commercial is seven years old.  At the rate that AIG Insurance customer counter is going up, I estimate that there are roughly 3 billion more AIG customers than there are people on the planet.  So do they provide life insurance for dogs, cats and goldfish, too?

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