Saturday, July 24, 2021

Navage is just gross


The radio version of these ads has been the bane of my existence this summer.  They show up at least eight times an hour on SiriusXM and there's been only one version running since late spring.  I've got in memorized and I'm pretty good at jumping up and hitting mute or changing the channel before the guy manages to get to the word "nose."  

I get that this product is probably a worthwhile thing to use, and I get that it only makes sense for Navage to use The Current Situation to pitch it, but enough already with trying to get me to pay close to $100 for a freaking nose water vacuum.  If I had money to burn I suppose I might actually head over to CVS and pick one up, but I don't have money to burn so I guess I'll just have to keep washing my hands with soap and water and wear a mask when I'm in crowded areas and use Flonase when I get sick as I inevitably will because I'm not buying one of these things.  Please stop trying to sell it to me.  I've had enough of your stupid smarmy voice and and being forced to visualize the workings of this device and it's ruining my summer and my life.  Stop now.  Right now.  Please. 

(And on that note, I'm off to the beach for a week.  See you all next weekend- and until then, please enjoy the archives and keep that View number up!)

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