Saturday, July 3, 2021

This Facebook Portal Commercial is why Mute buttons were invented


It's also why YouTube Prime is totally worth it.  I feel badly for anyone who finds himself ambushed by this horror of a commercial featuring squeaky morons laughing over....something...anything....I don't care what.  No power on Earth can make me turn up the volume and make me actually listen to this crime against humanity. 

What's the tagline, by the way?  "Facebook Portal:  Because there are people who don't know what an idiot you are.  Yet."  Or "Facebook Portal:  Look what the opportunity to be in a commercial can do to people."  It sure as hell isn't "Facebook Portal:  This will make your life better in any way, shape or form."  

Hey, wait a minute.  I know what the tagline is:  "Facebook Portal:  Ready to buy YouTube Prime and skip the ads yet?  'Cause this garbage is just going to keep coming..."

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