Saturday, July 17, 2021

Subaru+Dogs= Even More Stupid than Usual


The only thing dumber and sadder than this commercial are the people who like it so much that they gush all over it in the YouTube comments.  Seriously, do NOT read them on a full stomach.  

Meanwhile..."dog tested?"  Then dogs can buy them.  Stop insulting me with this crap, Subaru.  There are only two reasons why commercials like this exist:  One, you don't have to pay dogs to "act" in them. Two, you know that the American Consumer is, on average, a drooling, easily-manipulated moron who just looks at this and thinks OOOOHHH DOGS I LIKE DOGS I WISH I HAD A DOG LIKE THAT OOOH THIS IS SO TRUE OF DOGS LET ME GO TO YOUTUBE AND TELL THE PEOPLE ALL ABOUT MY DOG. 

Otherwise, this is just- Dogs.  Posed in a crappy car.  And very, very unappetizing-looking boiled hot dogs that no human would be interested in eating piled on a plate.  Did the dogs eat the hot dogs?  Who cares?  Oh right- the people who gush all over this stupid commercial.  The same people who, ten seconds after the commercial is over, will remember the dogs but not which car company made the ad.  Seriously, this makes me miss the Subaru=Love ads, and THOSE made me want to claw my eyes out.  Um, well done I guess?

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