Sunday, July 11, 2021

As for that "Confidence- Pass it On" commercial....


1.  If you believe that any of the people in this ad are related, well- I guess you are the reason the producers felt confident in just picking three random available wannabee actors to appear in it.  There isn't an ounce of chemistry between any of them, nothing to suggest anything other than that they are total strangers who met at the studio five minutes before filming. 

2.  If you are rooting for that noxious little brat to do anything but fall on her face during the recital, you are a much, much better person than I am.  This is a level of nastiness that can only be bred in a ritzy suburb by that parents of a single child who have settled into the role of butler, maid and chauffer for this smarmy little creep.  It might sound cruel, but a pratfall* resulting in absolutely NO prizes would be very good for her in the wrong run and something she desperately needs if she's going to avoid turning into an absolutely impossible adult. 

*why a pratfall and not a very good performance that is just slightly less impressive than that of another kid?  Because you just KNOW that these are the kind of people who will file a lawsuit against the judges if their Perfect Precious Darling wasn't recognized by those Nasty Meanies for what she is- the VERY BEST PERFORMER BY FAR.  After all, the only place Entitled Brats come from is Entitled Parents. 

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