Saturday, July 10, 2021

Coventry Direct: Because We Just Don't Care Anymore


(Or Boomers are already spoiled enough already.  Or I'm not dying to make some damn Millenial's life a little easier. )

Here we have an old couple lamenting the fact that they spent thousands of dollars on what turned out to be Worthless Life Insurance because they didn't die as anticipated.  And they are about to pass that lamenting on to their children and grandchildren when those miserable selfish spawn of the Nowhere Near Greatest Generation find out that they'll gain absolutely nothing when the old people FINALLY pass on.  And all because Mom and Dad decided to be selfish and cash in that life insurance policy instead of continuing to make increasingly high premium payments so Sonny could buy himself a, to deal with the grief.  Yeah, that's it. 

Watch these old codgers sell the family homestead and leave the money to some charity next.  There's no limit to their lack of consideration for the Lesser Generations, after all. 

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