Saturday, July 15, 2023

All Morons with low credit scores On Deck (fixed it for you!)


The YouTube mouth-breathers who may or may not be actual people (and here's hoping they are NOT) just adore "Loan Cannon" and "Loan Falcon" and one even hopes that we see a "Loan Rino" in the future, probably because this particular poster OD'd sniffing glue somewhere around 1985 and has been drooling into his keyboard since Dial-Up was all the rage.

Me?  I think this is equal portions sad and stupid.  Sad because in all these ads for "On Deck Loans" we see people with problems most employed middle-class people deal with by whipping out a credit card lunging desperately for money from any source- the nice Native American guy from Western Sky Financing ("the money is expensive, but it's here when you need it so bend over",)  the pawn shop on the corner, Rocko who will only GENTLEY break your legs if you don't pay up on time- when faced with an unexpected, yet completely predictable, cash shortfall.  Stupid because- well, again, check out the kind of people these ads appeal to:  the kind of people who high-five the writers and want a whole series of this garbage.  

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