Monday, July 10, 2023

Utter Nonsense from


...delivered with an appropriate level of enthusiasm, of course...

Anyone who has ever used solar-powered lights to illuminate walkways, porches, etc. knows why they aren't really practical replacements for battery-or-AC-operated security lights:  they simply cannot absorb enough power over the course of the SUNNIEST days to do what they pretend to do in these stupid ads. 

 MAYBE a security light comes on- for a few seconds, and a few times, before the power runs out.  MAYBE.  But Because Physics, you are going to get a very bright light for a very short period or a very dim light for a longer period.  Again- because Physics.

 MAYBE you are going to get a light that attracts bugs- but enough power to zap a lot of them to death?  Again, there's this whole physics issue- there is only a certain amount of power that tiny band of solar cells is going to absorb on the SUNNIEST days.  It's not going to be enough to both attract bugs and kill them- at least, not for very long.  Anyone who has ever used one of those bug-zapping fly swatters that use AA batteries knows that it takes a pretty decent charge to kill bugs- and those swatters are only "on" when you push a button, and they don't emit light to attract bugs.  They aren't on kill-mode for hours upon hours.  If these things were 10'x10' with 99 percent of the surface covered in solar panels, I MIGHT buy what we see on the screen and what this Clearly Insane Woman is trying to sell us.  But this?  No.  No way. 

Bug zappers are plugged into the home's electrical system for a reason- they use a lot of power, because they do a lot of work.  Security lights activated by motion detectors do quite a bit less work, but still- you aren't going to get blinding illumination without a steady power source like the electrical grid or at the very least, batteries.  They can't be replaced by solar power collected by six inches of panel, sorry.  This is a total fail.  Come on, lady.  Try harder. 

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  1. There are any number of people who want to think that they're smarter than actual smart people. I can see Mike Patterson buying this garbage.