Monday, July 3, 2023

Named after the only animal dumb enough to call


The moment the camera was turned off, Lisa shot her awful boss and then herself. 

My favorite part of the radio version of this ad is when one guy says "my mechanic recommended OxCare."  Oh yeah, sure he did; there's nothing mechanics like better than to deal with scammy fly-by-night, take-premiums-but-never-ever-pay-out "services" like OxCare, CarShield, and the thousand or so interchangeable versions of Not-Insurance you can hand your money over to available in the Buyer Beware Freedom Is Non-Regulation United States.  Here in the real world, the only thing mechanics want to hear more than "I'll put that on my credit card" is "I'll pay cash."  "I have this stupid card in my wallet that has the name of a company on it and they are supposed to pay for this I kind of think Because Television" is not even a close third. 

Back to the chirping loons taking phone calls in this ad:  Seriously, they all act like there are Orwellian telescreens monitoring their every facial twitch and they are attached to cattle prods ready to jolt them with a thousand or so volts at the slightest hint of discontent- hell, at the slightest hint of anything but super-hyper enthusiasm for working for this SuperAwesomeAmazing Company that we are supposed to believe was the brain child of a woman who was irritated by her own car repair bill and didn't notice that the Car Warranty Scam Business had been saturated years earlier.  More likely this woman "woke up" one day and realized that there was still a lot of money out there waiting for someone willing to rip off people who live paycheck to paycheck and live in terror of their car breaking down.   

Ah, the American Entrepreneur.  Keep living that dream!

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