Sunday, July 9, 2023

Something a little different: sharing a debunking video on bug zappers


I've been so busy avoiding doing schoolwork, I haven't had time to decide which of the many, many fake bug zappers (mostly from Bell and Howell, which seems to be dominating the Nonsense Fake Only Available on TV Products Using Lights these days) to choose from, so while I'm still doing that I thought you might enjoy this excellent breakdown of how companies LIKE Bell and Howell use phony stock footage to sell their crap products to gullible consumers.

I'll continue to look for my current favorite scam bug-zapper ad which tries to convince us that solar power is sufficient to create not only blinding light capable of illuminating a suburban terrace but also zap bugs, but until that shows up on YouTube or another source, please consume this content lifted from a guy who did a far better job than I ever could explaining why you should never, EVER buy some BS "miracle product" from a tv commercial- or a Facebook Ad, or Amazon- but instead should only buy stuff like this from your local brick and mortar hardware store or tractor supply place because the only thing more important than supporting local businesses is not getting yourself ripped off. 

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