Thursday, July 6, 2023

The further adventures of these weird Wendy's employees....


...who apparently work 24/7 now, as for more than a year we've seen them working day shifts but here they are whoring for their favorite grease and carb delivery systems in the middle of the night....

...who are so clueless that they think they will be embraced by the neighborhood if they stand outside with bullhorns announcing that, yes, Wendy's is STILL OPEN so if your body "needs" an fatty 800 calorie carb bomb at midnight COME'N GET IT!

...who probably all expect to get legitimate acting jobs out of this sad gig but really should give Flo from Progressive a call about that.  She'll bring them back down to Earth- Flo has become a bloated zombified senior citizen and is still nowhere to be seen outside of ads for nobody's favorite insurance company.

...who are not to be trusted with the handling of any food product as far as I am concerned.  I seriously can't imagine ingesting anything served up by these mental midgets, who are way, way too thrilled to be earning minimum wage to promote late-night diabetes booster shots. 

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