Monday, July 3, 2023

What's the most vile thing about this WhatsApp Commercial?


Is it 

A.  That we're still doing the phony "real people/not actors/hidden camera" schtick and expecting people to buy it?  Because I'm sorry, but if you think any of these people who went to "Pack and Ship" instead of, oh, you know, FedEx or UPS or the Post Office and are actually astounded and flummoxed that the For Sure We Thought He Was Real clerk starts attaching messages to pigeons, well, you are exactly the kind of gullible moron who is probably commenting how much they Love Love Love this ad on Youtube, or is it...

B.  That we're still doing the Fat Black Woman With The Oh No You Didn't Vacant Stare Look for Laughs in 2023.  I mean, I guess it's nice of WhatsApp to dig this fossil out of the 1970s to tickle that nostalgia bone, but to tell the truth, most of us were happy to see it buried and would kind of rather keep it a rather sad little faded memory from our Unwept Past.  Let sleeping dogs lie, as it were. 

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