Friday, April 8, 2011

eHarmony: the Outtake Reel

"Ok, what brought you to this site?"

"What brought me to this? Dammit, I thought you weren't going to ask me that! I told you before- Desperation. Despair. End Of My Rope Horror at dying alone. "

"No, no-- we're supposed to be on script. Just read the cards."

"Oh right, right. Sorry. Ok- what brought me to this site? I was sick of all the usual ways of meeting people- getting set up by friends, taking out personal ads, writing to guys in prison-- and here was this site which showed me all these Gentlemen who....what are you laughing at?"

"Sorry- I was just thinking of how we make you use the term 'Gentlemen' when you describe the guys we show you on the site. That always cracks me up; but please, continue."

"Ok- anyway, I see all these Gentlemen who share my core values...."

"Just for the heck of it- can you describe some of these Core Values?"

"Well, I think Willingness to Settle is a core value. And eagerness to Take What You Can Get. And exhaustion from years of disappointment. And being sick of spending Saturday nights having long conversations with your cat. And the strong conviction that the Internet is a great place to meet That Perfect Someone, which is sometimes powerful enough to mask the fact that you are long past trying to find someone who is anywhere near perfect and eager to snatch up Passable if such a person is still available- and willing to take Tolerable if Passable is not."

"I'm getting depressed- I think I'm going to put down my camera for a while, call my wife, and tell her how much I love her-- why are you crying now?"

"I was about to ask you if you are free tonight. How do you feel about extramarital relations? 'Cause when I noticed you were a male, I thought, 'boom!'"



    "Lowered Expectations" -- one of the best long-running Mad-TV skits.

    "Are you having trouble finding the right man? How about ANY man?"

  2. "What brought me to this point as in this moment? I answered an audition call to be in a TV ad with national exposure- oh, wait... we're filming. Duh!"

    "What brought me to this point as in this moment? Uh, you guys called me and said..."

    Someone sounds like she takes things very literally. I bet she's a fun date.

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  4. Pahz, are you sure your marriage is a happy one? Because I really think we are soul mates... ;>)

  5. I belong to eHarmony. I am not desperate and I have no intention of settling. I have a job I love, great friends, and a long list of interests and hobbies. The reason I use an online dating site is because of the paucity of intelligent single Christian men where I work, at my church, and the places I go out to. I want to meet guys who live outside the U.S. as well as inside it, and online is an excellent place to do that.

  6. John, I think we are. Oh, in another time, in another place. But could you really tolerate my love of pizza and chocolate ice cream? My vices.